Day: November 4, 2022

Mature neighbour fucks me

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Written by the author of the sauna story, a great man have been taking care of my widowed neighbour for about two years now, who after the death of her husband has to manage her entire property on her own. When her husband was still alive, we often helped each other as neighbours when we were in need. We have known each other for many years now and have a good relationship. She is now 66 years old and manages a lot of things around the house on her own, for which I have great respect.

But as it is, there are always things she needs help with and I have offered to help her. There have already been quite a few lamps to be installed, flower boxes to be moved, new furniture to be assembled and of course a lot to be cleared out. She is a rather small but quite neat mature woman with a normal figure who is very attractive despite her age. In addition, she has a loving nature and I had hugged and comforted her more than once in the past when she found it difficult to hold back her tears due to her loss and the often overwhelming situation.

About 4 weeks ago she approached me very excitedly when I drove into my garage after work. She said if I could look after her sink because the water ran out there. She would have dried everything and stopped running water. So I promised to look after her as soon as I changed my clothes and had something to eat. It was one of those summer days when it was unbearably hot. For days it had been around 30 degrees and you were often sweating without doing a lot of work.

mature-woman-shows-her-legs-and-feetSo I told my wife, grabbed my swimming trunks and jumped into the pool to cool off a bit. Then I dried off and just slipped into my airy sports shorts. Due to the heat, I completely refrained from wearing panties, just like the days before. But I put on a light shirt, grabbed my tool box and headed for the house next door. My neighbour saw me coming and opened the door for me in a short summery dress.

I entered and followed her into the kitchen. There she explained the problem to me in more detail. She bent down to show me where she thought the leak was. Since I was standing behind her, it was essential to observe how the short dress revealed more and more of her thighs due to the stooped posture. For the first time I realized her as a woman…yes, suddenly there was this curiosity…. I crouched down a bit to be able to see under the sink better – of course I secretly tried to see more of what was hidden under the dress with furtive looks… I could still see the fold of her buttocks towards her thighs briefly than she did straightened up again.

I tried desperately to continue the normal conversation, but the question pierced my mind: Is she wearing panties or not? She had already emptied the sink cabinet, so I lay on my back to watch the pipes from below and asked her to let the water run in the sink to see where the leak was. Actually, I thought she would operate the tap from the side with her arm outstretched… but she stood right over me so that I was lying on the floor between her feet… My blood … read more