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Written by the author of the sauna story, a great man have been taking care of my widowed neighbour for about two years now, who after the death of her husband has to manage her entire property on her own. When her husband was still alive, we often helped each other as neighbours when we were in need. We have known each other for many years now and have a good relationship. She is now 66 years old and manages a lot of things around the house on her own, for which I have great respect.

But as it is, there are always things she needs help with and I have offered to help her. There have already been quite a few lamps to be installed, flower boxes to be moved, new furniture to be assembled and of course a lot to be cleared out. She is a rather small but quite neat mature woman with a normal figure who is very attractive despite her age. In addition, she has a loving nature and I had hugged and comforted her more than once in the past when she found it difficult to hold back her tears due to her loss and the often overwhelming situation.

About 4 weeks ago she approached me very excitedly when I drove into my garage after work. She said if I could look after her sink because the water ran out there. She would have dried everything and stopped running water. So I promised to look after her as soon as I changed my clothes and had something to eat. It was one of those summer days when it was unbearably hot. For days it had been around 30 degrees and you were often sweating without doing a lot of work.

mature-woman-shows-her-legs-and-feetSo I told my wife, grabbed my swimming trunks and jumped into the pool to cool off a bit. Then I dried off and just slipped into my airy sports shorts. Due to the heat, I completely refrained from wearing panties, just like the days before. But I put on a light shirt, grabbed my tool box and headed for the house next door. My neighbour saw me coming and opened the door for me in a short summery dress.

I entered and followed her into the kitchen. There she explained the problem to me in more detail. She bent down to show me where she thought the leak was. Since I was standing behind her, it was essential to observe how the short dress revealed more and more of her thighs due to the stooped posture. For the first time I realized her as a woman…yes, suddenly there was this curiosity…. I crouched down a bit to be able to see under the sink better – of course I secretly tried to see more of what was hidden under the dress with furtive looks… I could still see the fold of her buttocks towards her thighs briefly than she did straightened up again.

I tried desperately to continue the normal conversation, but the question pierced my mind: Is she wearing panties or not? She had already emptied the sink cabinet, so I lay on my back to watch the pipes from below and asked her to let the water run in the sink to see where the leak was. Actually, I thought she would operate the tap from the side with her arm outstretched… but she stood right over me so that I was lying on the floor between her feet… My blood pounded to my head.

I gave instructions to let the water run.. while she was standing with her stomach on the worktop and I was half under her in the vanity unit.. So I now had a clear view under her dress and I almost caught my breath… she had no panties on and I could see her neatly shaved labia, which gaped slightly due to the slightly spread position. My cock began to stand up and threatened to get a way out with my airy shorts on the trouser leg… 1000 thoughts shot through my head.. what an embarrassing situation if my stand would suddenly become visible.

I tried desperately to devote my thoughts to the problem of the probable leak. I gave instructions to put the plug in the drain and to fill up the basin in order to be able to build up more pressure in the pipes when draining. This bought me some time, which I used to enjoy the unseen view from under her dress. Her labia seemed to gleam slightly… I watched every spot closely, which clearly made my cock only get harder… “It’s almost full now” I heard her say “ok then close the tap and pull the stopper out of it drain,” I replied.

The pipes began to gurgle and the water flowed in a trickle from one of the screw connections.. Now everything happened very quickly. I pushed my head to the side to avoid the water. “Quick, a towel,” I called to press it against the pipe… Probably because of the shock, she just crouched down and handed me a tea towel. I slid a little out of the vanity and pressed the cloth to the leak.

But by sliding out of the closet, my shorts pushed up and my bar was now standing vertically under her dress. I held the cloth and at the same time felt the tip of my cock pressing against her skin. It electrified me through and through.. she was still crouching over me and looked at me in the cupboard… We looked into each other’s eyes and she made small movements which increased the feeling of my cock.

Our breath got heavier and I think at that moment she knew exactly what was going on with me. Embarrassed, I looked in the direction of the leak, when suddenly this hot feeling of a wet column wrapped my glans and slid deeper and deeper down the shaft… She had sat down fully on my cock, remained a little and we looked at each other a little uncertainly at first… The water had drained and I stroked the outside of her thighs.. encouraged by my touch, she began to ride me in a crouch.. automatically I grabbed her buttocks to support her in her riding movements.

She held onto the countertop with both hands. The situation was so horny that we both forgot everything around us… she rode my pole as if it were an object that is only there for her satisfaction… she clearly enjoyed it and it seemed to me that I wasn’t there at all … she simply helped herself to me .. used me .. as a living dildo … She was visibly completely with herself and rode harder and harder until she suddenly screamed her, as it seemed, long-awaited orgasmran free .. Exhausted, she sat down on my cock, which was being massaged hard and firm by the contractions of her cunt… my balls tightened and I felt my cream rising up unbearable… I grabbed her ass cheeks and pressed so hard I was able to put my cock in her grotto and pumped the entire contents of my balls intermittently into her abdomen….

super sexy mature womanPanting and exhausted, we stayed a little longer in this uncomfortable position.. she slowly stood up.. my cock slipped out of her cunt and my sperm dripped out of her hole… I slowly got up, too.. there were a few drops of mine on the floor Sperm, as well as on my shorts.. “Wait,” she said.. “Take off your pants, quickly,” she said in an almost commanding tone, which I immediately followed. “We have to clean that up”… she bent down, put her lips over my now almost limp cock and licked it off eagerly.

She straightened up and whispered, “That did me so much good today and I really hoped it would happen.. isn’t it good if you don’t wear underwear in the heat?” knowing that she actually planned it and that I was completely trapped. That way I didn’t have to be embarrassed and I was able to overcome my embarrassment with her relaxed manner.

It’s funny when you’ve known each other for years and live next to each other.. at least that’s what I thought.. I removed the defective parts to have a sample for the new purchase. She offered me something else to drink, opened the fridge, bent down to the bottom shelf to get the bottles… I couldn’t help it and quickly ran my hand under the dress and slipped my hand through her slit from behind… frightened she started up… I grinned at her.. stretched out my now wet, sperm-soaked fingers towards her and said snippy: “There is probably something else leaking – I think a craftsman is also needed to take care of it?” Definitely” she whispered to me with a deep look… took my fingers and licked them off.

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