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So I’ve told you what makes me the Beirut escort in Lebanon. Now it’s time to show you what I can really do. Having been booked by Dual men for an outcall appointment in Hamara, I chose a suitably sexy outfit. I am one of the only Beirut escorts who accepts dates with Duo men. So the fact that they’d been seeking an ebony escort such as myself meant that they’d been very lucky indeed.

As I knocked on the door to the Hamara Hotel Room, I adjusted my skirt. It was short and tight, revealing my long legs. My top was suitably revealing, plunging in the middle between my huge breasts. I loved to wear clothes that gave a glimpse of my body – loved to make men stop and stare, mouths watering. And when the door opened, I had the intended effect. There they were, the Two middle-aged men, jaws hanging and eyes wide open.

It wasn’t long before their shock turned into sheer horniness. They’d booked the best escort in Lebanon and that’s exactly what they were going to get! It turned out that these Two men were colleagues – successful executives in the Marketing industry. Their wives were good friends and had booked a couple of days away at a spa hotel in the country. The fact that they were married didn’t bother me. I see all sorts here and I don’t judge.

Fast forward half an hour and we’ve all had a glass of wine. We’re now in the bedroom and I have Two cocks surrounding my face. Essentially, I’m in heaven. I feel a pair of hands tug at my top and my big ebony tits fall out. My nipples are hard from the excitement. Another pair of hands pulls at my skirt, lifting it up around my waist. There’s a collective intake of breath as my Two clients realise that the best escort isn’t wearing anything underneath!

As the best escort around, I know how to take a dick. But having tow at once turns me into jelly – I love sex and being fucked in the ass, pussy and mouth is enough to send any ebony callgirl into an absolute frenzy. We built up a rhythm, my body taking everything they had to throw at me. My ass clapped against the body of the man below me while my pussy dripped juices as it was pounded. I dribbled as I sucked on the big juicy cock, spittle dripping down onto my big black breasts.

My Two clients had all switched over, each getting a turn to fuck a different hole. I was now practically begging them for their cum and they duly obliged. It hit my three holes at the same time – the greatest sensation I could ever experience. They’d booked me expecting the best escort in Beirut and that was exactly what they’d got!